| Apr 12, 2010



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The results are in...

| Feb 3, 2010
With a whopping 46.5% voter turnout, this year's Student Council election is through...

Congratulations to Sam Mason, and Alia Hack, the 2010-2011 StFX University Student Council President and Vice President!

 Sam&Alia's Mission Statement:
"We believe that the Students' Union should be an inclusive student government for all students. We will work to ensure that all services are equally accessible, and that the Union provides many opportunities for involvement. 2010 – 2011 will be a rocking year with entertaining events and traditions to remember. We will bring the Union down to Earth and open its doors to the needs of every student."
For more information on Sam & Alia's Platform check out their website @ VoteSam&Alia.com

Take a look at your UPCOMING St.FX Student Council President and Vice President!

Congratulations also go out to other winners,

Board of Govenors: Sandy MacIntosh and Thomas Lattimer

Senate: Patrick Phillips and Mariah Giberson

Senior Class Pres and Vp: Brianna Hunter and Katie Archibald

Full House house for sale !!!

HOUSE FOR SALE... See details-> http://tinyurl.com/yaypbwy

Its the House from the popular TV show, FULL HOUSE!

Asking price is $4.5 Million! :O WOW 


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'Catchin yall up...

hmmm. what to talk about..
ok so today I'm going to pull together some loose strings from old blog posts...

Today is Day 2 of Semi-Diet...
Midterm yesterday went... hmm, alright? :S
Talked to Julie more about Toronto, fingers crossed !
Still love listening to 90's tunes !
Gave up on the 365 day photo project :(
May have found a place which has Samosas in Antigonish, ill have to check it out!
Fridge is pretty much empty...except for cheese whiz and Premium Plus crackers....
Radio Show w/ Jerel was uber fun on 93.3 the FOX!
Havn't printed off all of the lists I've made yet, but I will today!
No one has applied to be a maid, so my room is still kind of messy...


I haven't started with a new season of the Real World yet... Have to pick a location first..
Today I have night class from 7-9:30 pm EWW, not going to enjoy it, as it so longggggg and boring...
Tomorrow I think I have a midterm in my programming class.. so tonight will hopefully involve a little study ses'n.
Talked to Lorna today, a wicked lady from the job I had over the summer! She told me I needed to bundle up more, and start wearing gloves and hats... I totally agree, as I DO NOT want to be freezing like I was on the walk home from work on Sunday :S  I literally was frozen (brrrrr) and thought I was going to take a heart attack from being brought back into the heat after being out in the cold for so long...

BUT, class is in 20 mins and I wanna get redskis...soooo
ciao ladys n gents

The Real World Denver Season = Finished Watching *TEAR*

| Feb 2, 2010
So, this afternoon I finally finished the seem to be never ending episodes of The Real World Denver... Such a great season! I've officially fallen in love with the whole cast, and with the abundance of episodes I found myself emotional after watching the last episode  :'(  It would be my dream to be in a season of The Real World... It just seems like such a great time, and to have your emotions tested like that, wow, what an experience to be had. This is OFFICIALLY my favorite television show to date, and will more than likely remain my favorite.

Now, I must attend to my accounting of which I have been neglecting for the past while, as I have a midterm tonight... Also tonight is a meeting for the Relay For Life planning committee, but I will not be in attendance, due to the study factor...

I've decided to cut all of the junk food out of my life today aswell! Drinking ALOT of water, and going to pull myself back into shape... This summer was my ideal weight / physique, and Im going to strive to be back there.. As of now I am totally committed, and have already done some cardio today! whoop!

Ive been meaning to do laundry for the past week, and it now has block reserved in my schedule (Saturday, for all those who are interested)

Theres a ski trip that was tentatively planned for this Friday, and I was set on going, but a few friends, mainly Scott, have a lab exam that day, so It has been delayed a week, till next Friday or Saturday... Im rooting for Saturday so its easier to book off work.. Might have to work a day during the week to switch with someone. It will be a fun time tho, the trip will be to Ski Ben Eoin in Cape Breton, about 25 minutes from Sydney... Just a small-medium sized ski hill for the Maritimes, but great times are always had with a great group of friends.

Last night Kathleen came over and had supper with Scott and I.. She really enjoyed it, as did we, and afterward we shot a video of her reaction to the infamous 2girls1cup video, which took us a while to find on the internet, as they now require a subscription to the main website :S  ... who would pay to see that shit.. literally.. HAHA.. check out the video here.. [Kathleen's Reaction!]   

Anyway, as much fun as this has been.. im off to my accounting.. T-2 hours untill I write... eeeeeek !! not looking forward to this.. how much is it worth anyway??



| Feb 1, 2010

My gurl T.Swift won tonight @ the Grammys..

Also.. Julie seems to be more interested in moving to TORONTO for the summer!
what an experience... dont worry mom, we'll skype every night! <3
Im really hoping that we can do this.. Im only waiting on Jules.. cause I know Ill be going if she does.. Tiffany may join as well! BAD NEWS BEARS!! aha wow..

X-Scoop: Room needs to be cleaned.. really messy.. and I have been pigging out on Premium Plus crackers.. which has resulted in cracker crumbs all over my floor and desk..
A maid service needs to be hired.. Anyone interested?? Perks would be spending time with me, and cooking for me :P

I have been tweeting religiously over the past few days... also creating MAD lists.. with everything from ToDo's, Bus Schedules, Contact #'s etc... just prepping for the rest of the year...

Thinking I want to re-arrange my room tomorrow.. to something more, hmm.. donno.. just different..

actually I may do that right now.. ill talk later.. going to arrange this shattt.. peace :)

<3 Dylan

weeknddd ending ... T-4h34m

| Jan 31, 2010
i am simply blogging to say that I have nothing to blog about, atm.. as my life is much too busy to be worrying about this...
that is all...
also, I am hungry...

**VOTE** Feb 2 & 3 http://vote.TheU.ca

| Jan 26, 2010

hmmmmm .. ?

| Jan 20, 2010
sooooooo ! here I am sitting in the Student Union Building ,wondering how long it will be until I have one of these rooms with my name on the door... anywayyyyy, Im currently picking some songs for my upcoming RADIO APPEARANCE! (may contradict itself.. ?)

soo.. looks like Ill be doin that for a bit.. class @ 7... then dranks/wings @ the INN??

looks like ill end er here...

ps.. Relay For Life posters have been distributed ALL OVER CAMPUS!! andddd theyre lookin sexyy!
There is the word "LIFE" spelt out in Bloomfield Center / SUB with posters!!


JarVIs MaYhEM!

SooOOOo ToniGHt mY Gurl JeREL anD I plAYed wiTH T-PaiNs AUtoTuNE

cheCK oUT The cLip !!


whyyyyy do I never sleep...

| Jan 19, 2010
I am still awake...currently editing pictures, searching Mean Girls quotes to post on friends walls, Facebook creeping, and watching some shows on MTV.ca... I just ate some meat balls and filled up my pitcher of water... GOSH, don't you hate when you drink the last bit of water and theres no more cold water ... I DO...
anyway, back to the subject of this post...

Im certain that I have a sleeping disorder, as I never sleep, usually go to bed between 3-5am... its terrible but I just can't ever sleep...
Any suggestions??
Maybe sleeping pills are the answer??
I wonder if all those Red Bullz I've consumed over the years have had any effect... or maybe those two Mocha's I drank today....

... 365 Day Photo Project ...

Here is my next photo y'all....

Featuring Christine & I on a lovely day @ Ski Wentworth...

Photo 5/365




New week = life pulled together ... hopefully

| Jan 18, 2010
Sooooo... I really been letting all of my blog friends down by forgetting to post... From what seemed like countless post in one day has turned into one post in pretty much a week... UGH.. for that I am sorry...
Anyway, today marks a turning point...
I am going to be posting once again, don't get too overly excited!

So far today I sat with some friends at the sign-up for the BIZ-NASS Pub Crawl, Im pretty sure today was the last day to sign up, but email x2006nnk@stfx.ca if you forgot to get yours... the shirts are looking pretty dope.. Check them out... ->

Im currently just packing my bag to hed to the SUB to work on some accounting which is due tonight  :(   . I then have to put up some signs for the RELAY FOR LIFE!! Which is happening MARCH 19th... for more info check out the Facebook Event..

Alright... picture for the day is coming soon... just gotta find something on my way to the SUB to take a picture of...

Ciao for now,


| Jan 16, 2010
sooo. Im exhausted right now.. and want to blog but canttttttt.. because im so tired.. but I WILL SOON!!



| Jan 14, 2010
Tonight is the High School Dance Party at the Pub here in Antigonish!!!
I am soooo excited, mainly because I missed the last one... BUT t'will NEVER happen again...

For all of you who dont know what this night entails, basically Its just a crazyyy packed night, where the only music that gets played are hits from when we were in High School.... More like Jr. High and elementary school for me haha... anywayy...

Hits by:
LL Cool J
Celine Doin
Backstreet Boys
Spice Girls
Venga Boys
Puff Daddy
Sugar Ray

Hope to see ALL of you out there... should be a FANTASTIC TIME!!

oh and ps.
    -Dont expect to return with your voices after tonight
    -Do expect to sing ALL night long at the top of your lungs
    -Do expect a HUGE line, so GO EARLY!
    -Do let Dylan hop into line with you if you get there before him :)
    -Dont forget yourrrrr High School Attire! (Jr. High / Elementary) and if you have no idea what im speaking of.. watch this video... 


ahhhhhh the world of torrents...

| Jan 13, 2010
This evening I downloaded my first torrent!!!

This is a whole new world for me! And I can see my social life dissappearing very fast!

Hello Movies... Goodbye Friends!

I encourage you all to try it! Just head over to The Pirate Bay and assuming you already have a P2P program such as Limewire, your set! Search for the movie  you want to watch... Click the one with the highest numbers, follow the prompts... and VOILA!!

La Cinema a le maison!

Favorite Male First Name Choices...


I have a feeling that the name chosen for you at birth can influence your social life, to an extent... Some names just make a person sound cool.. Well, I think so anyway... I've gone through alot of name books /slash/ made mental notes of cool names I've come across..
For reading pleasure I have listed 5 of my favorites below! Some of these names are actual names of friends of mine, so feel special you are featured on my blog! Please comment with your favorite names as well! REMEMBER, these names are supposed to be semi-uncommon... don't put something like Jon(no offense), even if you like it... I want comments with names that are almost unheard of but SUPER COOL!

Get Thinking!


... 365 Day Photo Project ...

I'm sure you've all been antsy to get the next photo!! haha  well I searched long and hard for this one.. and Ive chosen to add one from my mobile collection...
These pictures feature Brendan, Breagh, and I @ BP before heading out on a pub-crawl this summer.

Photo 2/365, 3/365, & 4/365


For the love of goddddddd find me some Samosas

I am totally in love with the Indian food samosas...



The contents of my fridge are...

| Jan 12, 2010
Alrightttt.. I just left the computer to grab something to eat when it struck me... I'm going to let everyone know what the contents of my refrigerator are .. :)

so without further adieu...

-Pomegranate Juice
-Red Bull
-Ghetto Juice (mix)
-Five Alive Mango (mix)
-Diet Ginger Ale (mix)
-Dr Pepper (for guests)
-Big Up (for guests)
-Big 8 (for guests)

*Fridge Items*
-Baba Gannouj
-Red Pepper Jelly
-Smoked Gouda
-TNT Peperoni
-Veggie Tray

*Freezer Items*
-Chicken Strips
-Steak Cut Fried Potatoes
-Battered Haddock Fillets
-Field Berry Blend (smoothies!)
-Italian Meat Balls
-Chipotle BBQ Chicken Breasts
-Thai Stirfry Veggi Mix
-Pre-Cooked Chicken Slices
-Chicken Breast
-Fish Cake
-Pork Slovakias
-Onion Flavored Hash Browns

 Feel free to donate food to the Feed Dylan Fund :P

... 365 Day Photo Project ...

So I got this really cool idea from a friend (Olivia) to upload a photo every day for 365 days...

READY ... GO!!

Here is the first image...

Photo 1/365

Shawn, Scott, and I after a few dranks...

edBassmaster on YouTube

I found this guy edbassmaster on youtube and have been following his videos for quite some time now...  Basically he prank people and dresses up as that character...

This video features Mumbles at the Drive-Thru of a few restaurants.

Heres another... featuring Larry (pronounced Lowry) ... he finds something in his Depends...and it wasnt a Lego.

And my favorite character, Tequila Johnston... enjoy


Some random facts to brighten your day...


- 1 in 5,000 north Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue.
- There are 10 human body parts that are only 3 letters long. Try to guess em!
- The average person makes about 1,140 telephone calls each year.
- The plastic things on the end of shoelaces are called aglets.
- You cannot snore and dream at the same time.
- Harry Potter’s birthday is July 31, 1980. JKRowling’s birthday is also July 31—but in 1966.
- The Moosehead Brewery in Saint John, New Brunswick, turns out 1,642 bottles of beer per minute.
- If Facebook were a country, it would be the fifth-largest country in the world, after China, India, the U.S., and Indonesia.

Thats all for now..
ps...(eye hip arm leg ear toe jaw rib lip gum)

Epic Facebook Post!


Haha! This is great... To find more hilarious Facebook fails check out Lamebook.com


Im reallin feelin this song...


Valentines Day Cooking Idea...

This video from MadTV is MAD funny!
Try to watch the whole skit without laughing, I dare you!


Paris Hilton Parody

| Jan 11, 2010
I got a laugh outta this.. check it out :P


Oldie but goodie...

Check out this jam... its currently on the Abercrombie & Fitch store playlists...

anyway.. here it is.... muahhhh


Jersey Shore on MTV.ca

hmmmmm.. so with all the hype coming from MTV's Jersey Shore I have finally decided to see what I've been missing... hope it doesn't disappoint and I'll be back to give my reviews later.

Watch the trailer below...

Red Bull Crashed Ice Is Now Drafting Athletes!

It's that time of year again. There is a chill in the air and with winter comes the most exciting sport on skates...Red Bull Crashed Ice is now drafting athletes. Male and Female amateur and pro hockey players from across the country can register their names into the online lottery at www.redbullcrashedice.com starting NOW until January 24th at 11:59 pm EST for their chance to participate in one of eleven qualifying events across Canada.

Making the cut
On January 26th 200 men and 20 women (per qualifying city) will be randomly selected to participate in a qualifying event, which will consist of individual speed trials on a flat ice surface in a traditional indoor hockey rink. The top participants from each qualifying event who demonstrates the best skating skill, agility, strategy and strength will earn a spot in the finals in Quebec City.

First Stop: Munich
The capital city of Bavaria is preparing for the first ever Red Bull Crashed Ice on German soil on January 16, 2010. Athletes will be battling head-to-head in Munich’s Olympiapark – built for the 1972 Summer Olympics. Battling for the glory and representing Canada are the country’s top three performers: 2006 champion in Quebec City Gabriel Andre (Edmonton, AB), 2007 champion in Quebec City and Helsinki Kevin Olson (Lethbridge, AB), and local favourite Christian Papillon (Quebec City, QC). Joining them will be Jean-Guy Chouinard (Sherbrooke, QC) and Bruno Richard (Bedec, NB) who qualified in Garmisch, Germany in December 2009.

For registration info, please visit www.redbullcrashedice.com


Auto Tune = Amazing


Recently a friend of mine introduced me to a You Tube video where Ellen DeGeneres and T-Pain had a little fun with a vocal changer. This software, Auto Tune is what T-Pain and many other Artist's (Cher, Kanye, etc) have used within their tracks for a distorted effect, or to help correct pitch..

Check out this video of Ellen & T-Pain using Auto Tune!




Heroin & Cocaine
Salt and Pepper Shakers designed by the brilliant artist David Shrigley, 2000-2002
Porcelain salt and pepper shakers made by Limoges of France.
3 1/8 x 2 1/8 inches each
First Edition, 2002. Edition of 600

Price: $195.00

Under New Management! Obama 2008


Finally! They are Under New management! Obama 2008. Time to change your shirt! Black ink printed onwhite American Apparel unisex tee
via: tcritic.com

Soapsicles Popsicle Soap: Look and smell like real popsicles


Soapsicles Popsicle Soap: Look and smell like real popsicles

Soapsicles are handmade soaps that look and smell so delicious, you might want to eat them rather than wash with them! Each adorable soap is hand-poured and scented just like a real popsicle.

Soapsicles are perfect for adding a dash of summertime fun to any gathering. These perfect party favors are sure to have your friends saying, "Oh my gosh, where did you get those?"